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Bolivar Utility Department

The last questionnaire we have sent out this year was to be turned in by November 4, 2016. We have a five question survey that asks our customers how much they know about their gas service and what to do in case of an emergency. We have information about Tennessee 811, and whom to call in case of emergencies on the radio, newspaper, posted in our office, and on our Facebook page.  

Throughout the year, Bolivar Utility uses a variety of communication methods to inform our customers about their gas service. We send out surveys periodically to help us track how well we are doing in keeping the customers of Bolivar Utility informed.

Public Awareness Information

The results showed us that most people had seen or heard some of the information about gas services, but there was still a need for knowledge about the gas service we offer.

2013 Survey

The survey we used was 10 questions long and we were trying to see if customers had seen the information we had distributed.

Past Results

View a copy of our current survey here.

2013 Survey

2016 Survey Results

What is natural gas?

What are natural gas safety  procedures?

What is carbon monoxide?

What are carbon monoxide safety procedures?

*If you have any additional questions or safety concerns about your natural gas appliances or heating units, please call our office at (731) 658-5894 for assistance.

2016 First Survey Results

2016 Second Survey Results

The survey results from  2016 are complete. Bolivar Utility sent out two surveys to our customers to track how well we have improved throughout the year concerning the information we provide customers. In the second survey, we modified the questionnaire slightly in order to obtain better results with completing the survey and to get the most pertinent information we needed to track. The information we needed to know from our customers was if they have seen or heard any information about Bolivar Utility and to test their knowledge about gas safety.

To view the first survey, click here.

To view the second survey, click here.